Mission - Rinaldo Donzelli
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“To be donzello requires Rinaldo
to stay a young fellow”

R. Donzelli giugno 1980

Rinaldo Donzelli (1921-1984) Rinaldo wrote his motto in 1980, almost at the end of his career and (not so long) life. The meaning, although quite clear, deserves attention as it’s connected to Rinaldo’s artwork and life.
Donzelli always approached everything with amusement, energy, creativity and excitement, because he has always been conscious of how life, people and, especially, nature can always teach you something new.
The attention to details, the investigation and the in depth study have been Rinaldo’s enduring qualities. However, experimentation prevailed: boldly taking time to try new routes, testing new techniques, going beyond the usual things, when on the contrary everything else around him was so fast and superficial. The output wasn’t always what he had been hoping for, in some cases the tangible economic return wasn’t immediately there, but for the creative, the designer, the painter, the researcher, the innovator, it was never a time lost but rather a mandatory experimental time to make sure that every options had been attempted.
All of the above with a joyful and forever young attitude, driven by the willingness and enthusiasm of continuous learning: from the nature and from the books, but especially from experience, in a simple and lighthearted approach, thanks to his extraordinary skills and vivid intelligence.


Eager and committed to learn, always.